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Freedom of jeans and the dumb little brazilian girls

This week has been a very good, busy, productive one, but I absolutely need it to be over. I can never make myself go to sleep before at least 2am, and that only adds up to 5 hours of sleep a night at most. Usually by Friday, when ideally someone should have slept 40 hours, I only slept 25, and you can clearly see it by the lack of make-up, the hair in a pony-tail that hasn't even been brushed, and the fact that I usually go out the door looking like I was blindfolded while getting dressed.
One of the things that I absolutely LOVE about the new job is that there is no dress code. My old job did, except for casual Fridays, when we could wear jeans. I had never been a jeans type of girl, and the first time I purchased a pair of jeans that I truly enjoyed wearing was in 2001, when I moved here. In Brazil is very hard to exhist if you're bigger than a size 4, so clearly in my country there is a common belief amongst store owners and establishments in the apparel industry that if you're born with big hips and a not so slim waist you're not worth of owning decent clothing, let alone a pair of jeans. I remember growing up, my mom used to have clothes tailored for me and her because there was no way in hell we would find anything half-way presentable to wear, besides sweatpant and t-shirs. I ended up having a pretty sharp wardrobe by the time I was 18, and 80% was custom tailored for me by this lady who used to make sure to rub on my face that my butt was getting bigger by the visit. She would smack my behind and say "Girl, you 'bout to drive some man crazy with that big ol'butt you got!". I, of course, never took that as a compliment, and I used to find extremely annoying the fact that she thought I was too big for her to work with, but I would definately be a great meal for nasty construction workers.
Anyway, it is definately a more comfortable experience being my size here in this country, because you're not constantly bombarded with the idea that your weight equals to that of 85 skinny brazilian girls combined. That used to bother me A LOT and I'm sure I have passed on a few experiences in the past because I just didn't feel like dealing with the looks of those girls who would stare at me as if they wanted me to realize that they were of a species more evolved than mine.
Now, for all I care, they can eat me because I have finally come to a point in life where I actually feel comfortable with myself enought to know that the size of my hips and the weight of my body is nobobdy's business but MINE. I would be lying if I said that I wouldn't love to shed some pounds, have a flatter stomach, and an ass that is about a quarter of the current ass I got, but eventhought it took me a while, I recently realized that somehow I have grown into someone who knows and believes that I'm SO much more than a stupid dress size.
And I wish the same for all those dumb little brazilian girls, while, of course, hoping that they asses reach size 24 by the time they are 30.

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