Do site www.thingsmyboyfriendsays.com. Não é atualizado há muito tempo, mas eu adoro o que está lá. E eu devia ter um blog desses.

While snuggling:
me: Who loves you?
e: Megatron

E's financial planning.
"You shouldn't buy me things. Save your money for unicorn rides or whatever it is girls spend money on."

me: It's my birthday soon. You'd better get me something pretty.
e: I'll get ME something pretty, and you can play with it.

Prelude to a spidering.
me: I'm going to throw that giant spider on you.
e: Don't. It'll all end in tears.
me: Whose?
e: Mine.

Bunny rabbits.
e: I'd get a bunny if they weren't so stupid.
me: They're brilliant!
e: They chew extenstion cords!
me: So do you!
e: Yeah, but for me it's a religious obligation.
me: What religion is that?
e: I'm not allowed to tell outsiders.
me: How do you know I'm not a member?
e: Obviously, you'd be chewing extension cords.

Low and lazy.
me: Your fly is open.

me: What do you think famous dogs eat?
e: Smaller dogs.

e: Are there any cans of coke left?
me: No, I drank the last one but maybe the store's still open ... *looks at clock* No, BUT IT'S 11:11! MAKE A WISH!
e: i wish for a can of coke.

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