Passeando pelo blog da minha irmã, encontrei esse comentário da melhor amiga americana dela (em inglês, sorry).
Tive uma briga com ela essa semana por odiar certas coisas que ela faz. ODIAR. Tipo de querer matar. Mas me dá uma alegria sem tamanho topar com esse comentário e ver que, hoje, eu entendo perfeitamente o que a Kira está dizendo.
Ana, pra você. Porque você também é muito isso pra mim (isso e uma máquina de fabricar multas de trânsito, mas aí é assunto pra outro post).

Akira said...

Carol you are such a wonderful person to have as a friend. I still can't figure out why God felt I deserve to have you as a friend. I credit you all the time with being the person to force me to grow uo and be a woman. You have clearly picked up where my mom left off when I was 17 and she left me to begin my new life here in Indianapolis.
I am sittling here balling because I have just seen the pictures you have put on here of her. I could not help it sorry. It has been a while since I have realized i forgot how comforting it is to have a friend like you around. I also realize I no longer have friends here. Just family. There is no one really like you. I guess I have just realized that. There will be no more like you. I am on the other hand very proud of myself for making it this far without you. I never really thought I could.

I just can't wait until the day I am confident that I am half of the influnce in your life that you are to me. EVERYTHING I AM today has some part of you in it. It is sad really. God knew I needed you those first couple years you were here. That is why at the last minute I moved to the International House at IUPUI, and had no idea why. That is why I have always tried to impress you and show you I will one day make you proud of me. It really made me feel great to see you ARE proud of me even though I am STILL in school, I made a bad choice with Ivin because he is a great dad and a bad boyfriend. I still owe you for all the many times you have gotten me out of trouble.

I have really missed you this past year and half. I know that we had to go through this to go to the next level in our friendship. To prove you are ready to go to bigger and better things you have to past test first. You know like going from high school to college and so on. I am ready to see what the future holds for us because we have definitly passed a hell of a test. Thanks for all you are, Carol. Love you always. You are the best friend anyone could ask for. I can't wait to hang out like old times doing nothing by the pool or something. Laughing at absolutly nothing. Thanks for everything. -Kira

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jverdi disse...


Te convido pra conhecer meu Blog e minhas idéias.
Qdo. tiver um tempinho, dá um pulo lá.



Júlio Verdi

Ana B. disse...

awwww, que bonito... mulher me irrita um bocado, mas as que eu tenho na minha vida são mulheres fantásticas, né?